WATERJET – is a technology of cutting or cleaning various materials with the use
of high pressure water.
This method uses a special abrasive which, in combination with high pressure water,
enables cutting many types of materials. (Water only cut is restricted to certain types
of material). WaterJet terminology is water-abrasive or hydro-abrasive and the
machine itself is often called a CNC cutter. The mixture of water and abrasive is
directed to the hydro-abrasive nozzle to perform the cutting procedure of the various
materials.The WaterJet cutting method does not generate heat, which is a very
important factor when cutting materials such as: copper, composites, plastic and
Our company offers WaterJet cutting in 3D technology with a water stream of
materials up to 160 mm thick on a stainless steel work table with dimensions:
4500 × 2500 mm. Thanks to the Water Jet 3D technology, we are able to process all
materials and plastics without the risk of damaging the material structure.

The WaterJet 3D machine installed in our company is applicable to cutting the
following materials:

  • black steel (profiles and sheets),
  • stainless steel (profiles and sheets),
  • non-ferrous metals (profiles and sheets),
  • stone slabs (granite, marble, sandstone and others),
  • plastics,
  • glass (glass plates),
  • fire proof glass (fire proof – glass plates),
  • rubber.


Advantages of the WaterJet cutting method


Safe for employees and the environment


The method does not require additional processing of the material to be

Time of the realization

Short process of production preparation


Cutting any material without damage

What do we need to prepare an offer for you?

The costs generated by WaterJet cutting depend on:

  • type of material (black steel, stainless steel, aluminum),
  • material thickness
  • the complexity of the part (the length of the cutting line, the amount of burn-ins etc.) quantity.

Therefore, the pricing of the cut is made individually for each detail based on
a drawing in a DFX, DWG file. The number of ordered pieces has a large influence on the final price of the detail. We guarantee attractive discounts for larger orders.

We are willing to cooperate with …

  • advertising agencies,
  • design offices,
  • interior designers,
  • masons,
  • producers of machines, tools, molds and other elements made of metal,
  • ceramics producers,
  • representatives of the glass industry,
  • manufacturers from the aviation industry.

You need help? Contact our Advisor

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