Sandblasting is a technological process that involves cleaning any surface with an abrasive material (sand). The process takes place in a stream of compressed air. Sandblasting can be compared to grinding, but as a result of sandblasting the cleaned surface is more even and also obtains the desired roughness. In this way, the surface is prepared for painting, spray metallization or lamination. Thanks to sandblasting, it becomes possible to reach hard-to-reach corners or curves.

Advantages of the sandblasting method


Sandblasting allows you to reach any place of the cleaned element


The method does not require additional processing of the cleaned element

Time of realization

Fast and efficient service delivery process


Cleaning of various materials: steel, wood, stone

What do we need to price the service?

The costs generated by the sandblasting service depend on:

  • area size,
  • layer of material to be removed,
  • detail complexity.

Therefore, the valuation of sandblasting is carried out individually for each detail based on the inspection of the element or photo documentation. We guaranteeattractive discounts for larger orders.

The sandblasting method is used

  • in the automotive industry,
  • in the railway industry,
  • in the shipbuilding industry,
  • in the construction industry,
  • in the energy and industrial sectors.

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