Residential Houses All Year

We produce durable and warm all-year-round residential containers, made entirely of construction from scratch, designed by our designers for Poland and Europe.
As an individual constructor of residential containers, we can offer you various modular options, from a single version of a 35 m2 residential container with a kitchen and bathroom, through two modular 50 m2 with additional rooms, to four or fivemodule versions consisting of a complete residential infrastructure. We are characterized by a competitive price, fast implementation and a comprehensive approach to the project and the client. We implement individual projects in
consultation with our clients, where the size of the modular structure is practically unlimited. In our projects, we offer such additions as: air conditioning or renewable energy sources, including solar collectors. Our standard offer includes an insulated housing container, electrical installation and heating. In addition, we include the ability to configure the color of sheets, walls and doors.

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