Powder coating

We offer technologically advanced powder coating services for all metal products and
surface preparation.

Using the highest-class equipment, we offer powder coating of surfaces:

Advantages of powder coating


It does not contain solvent substances


Excess powder does not stick to the varnished layer


Powder coated layers are resistant to corrosion, abrasion and temperature


Possibility of painting any surface

What do we need to price the service?

The costs generated by laser cutting depend on:

  • type of material (steel, aluminum),
  • general surface condition of the material,
  • type of powder paint used.

Therefore, the valuation of powder coating is carried out individually for each detail based on visual inspection. The number of ordered pieces has a significant influence on the final price of the detail. We guarantee attractive discounts for larger orders.

Powder coating is used

  • in the automotive industry,
  • in the railway industry,
  • in the shipbuilding industry,
  • in the construction industry,
  • in the energy and industrial sectors.

You need help? Contact our Advisor

Contact our Advisor! We will provide assistance in choosing the right materials and
cutting methods.