Plasma cutting

3D plasma cutting is a type of arc cut and is characterized by the formation of an
electric or gas arc burning between the electrode and the material that melts it and
expels it from the cut. A plasma electric arc is a highly ionized gas that travels from
a plasma nozzle at a very high speed, comparable to the speed of sound. Compared to
laser cutting, it enables cutting materials of greater thickness.

This type of cutting enables work on all electrically conductive materials, incl.:

Advantages of the plasma cutting method


The speed is 7 times higher than that achieved using the oxygen-gas method


A small cutting gap means little material waste

Time of the realization

Easy process of automating the production process


Can be cut in any plane

What do we need to prepare an offer for you

The costs generated by plasma cutting depend on:

  • type of material (black steel, stainless steel, aluminum),
  • material thickness,
  • the complexity of the part (the length of the cutting line, the amount of burn-ins etc.) quantity.

Therefore, the pricing of the cut is made individually for each detail based on
a drawing in a DFX, DWG file. The number of ordered pieces has a large influence on the final price of the detail. We guarantee attractive discounts for larger orders.

We are willing to cooperate with ...

  • advertising agencies,
  • design offices,
  • interior designers,
  • producers of machines, tools, molds and other elements made of metal,
  • manufacturers from the aviation industry.

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