CNC machines

CNC machine tools are numerically controlled machines and devices. The control is
carried out using a computer that is the control part of the machine and allows for
programming, so you can plan the production process. Modern CNC machines are
machining centers containing a large number of tools, giving the possibility of
expanding the machine park, allowing to perform very different operations. CNC
machine tools include milling machines, lathes, and power tools. Thanks to them, it is
possible to produce elements, single copies, or ensure efficient mass production of
profiles ordered by the customer. CNC is the execution of the subject that precedes the
design using computer software such as AUTOCAD, and the transformation of this
project in the mode of the machine, calling the CAM system. Designing is also done in
3D, which allows operators and customers to carefully inspect a given element before
implementation. The work of CNC devices is characterized by speed and precision as
well as the possibility of carrying out mass orders. With the help of a full machine
park, our production company is able to provide a comprehensive range of services for
metals and other materials that can be processed.

Materials for CNC machining:

Advantages of CNC machining


A very precise method of cutting materials


High material cutting speed


The method does not require additional processing of the material to be cut


Cutting any materials without damage

What do we need to price the service?

The costs generated by laser cutting depend on:

  • type of material (steel, plastic),
  • type of workpiece,
  • detail complexity.

Therefore, the pricing of the cut is made individually for each detail based on a drawing in a DFX, DWG file. The number of ordered pieces has a large influence on the final price of the detail. We guarantee attractive discounts for larger orders.

We are willing to cooperate with ...

  • design offices,
  • producers of machines, tools, molds and other elements made of metal,
  • manufacturers from the industrial sector.

You need help? Contact our Advisor

Contact our Advisor! We will provide assistance in choosing the right materials and
cutting methods.