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WaterJet cutting allows you to make any shape and does not require finishing.
It is possible to cut along a straight, circular, curved path and in 3D space.

Waterjet cutting is a technology for cutting various materials with a very thin stream of
water with the addition of abrasive at high pressure of about 4100 bar at a speed of up
to 1000 meters per second.

Waterjet cutting enables the processing of materials such as steel, cast iron, nonferrous
metals, plastics, ceramics, stone, wood, etc. Waterjet is used in the automotive,
machinery, electronics, aviation and construction industries.

Cutting with a water jet is therefore a very effective and safe method for people
operating the devices, as well as environmentally friendly.So if we have a choice
between cutting with water or laser - it is always worth choosing a waterjet.

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The company Confrate Sp. z o. o. – Precyzja 3D is successfully engaged in the production of various types of steel structures. Our experience, specialist knowledge combined with instruments in the form of modern infrastructure (production halls, machine park) allow us to offer comprehensive solutions based on plastic and metal

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